Analysis Of The Book ' Under A Cruel Star ' Essay

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HIS 1400 In the memoir Under A Cruel Star, Kovaly begins her narrative briefly talking about her experience during the Holocaust. Kovaly’s narrative becomes more in-depth when she begins to talk about the last days of the war, when she and others escaped from the concentration camps. As the plot thicken in this narrative, Kovaly talks about how she experienced life after her escape and under the Communist system in Czechoslovakia. During this time, Westerns considered the Soviet-style communism to an inhuman experience but some thought otherwise. In order to understand this paper as it relates to communism, you have to first get a clear understanding of what the communism system is about. Although there is no one real definition of how the communist party is ran the basic principle is that everyone under the system were to be treated equally and that businesses were owned by a large amount of people instead of individually. In this paper I will discuss how Kovaly wanted none other than to gain a sense of humanity and freedom, real freedom. During the first chapter of the memoir, Kovaly talks about her life in the concentration camps of Auschwitz. In the opening of her book she state that her life was shaped by three forces, two of which crushed half the world, Adolf Hitler and Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin—and the third being her heart; that gave her a sense of love and hope for the future(p.5). After being deported from her state of Prague, Kovaly and her family was sent…

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