Analysis Of Niel 's Diamond Documentary ' Reel Injun ' Essay

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Niel’s Diamond documentary, “Reel Injun”, is about the misinterpretation of the truth about Native people. The documentary outlines the progress of the “Hollywood Indian” characterized in many films throughout the century. Natives have been portrayed with stereotyping and discrimination, and this has influenced the worlds interpretation of Natives,and it has also contributed to an Indian activist. More attention should be made toward the movies of Native people has led to the misconception of individuals’ opinion of them. These movie films should portray Native as who they are and should not be viewed a s something their not in films.

Since the invention of moving images in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, films were being used to allow audiences to watch people on screens. Many of the films have been used to convey truths about society. Native people were portrayed as spiritual, noble, and free, such as “Dances With Wolves”. They were always shown in their type of clothing, dance, and language. In the western movie genre, the image of the hollywood indians tells the audience nothing about the real Native culture. According to Angela Aleiss, Americans came to watch these films because of the “romance of tragedy” meaning there is a romantic story in the film and it will somehow end in a tragic ending, for example “Pocahontas”. Films were based on the desires of non-native producers, screenwriters,directors, and actors. In the making of the movies, some of…

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