An Investigation Of A Colony On Mars Is A Costly And Research Intensive Endeavour

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Attempting to establish a colony on Mars is a costly and research intensive endeavour. It will take a very special group of people to travel to Mars and spend their whole lives there. These volunteers will need to be very well trained. It will also take a lot of resources to sustain this colony, especially in its early days. If the target of 2025, which is only eleven years away, is to be met, a very large expenditure will need to be made on research due to our very limited understanding of how our bodies react to zero gravity and a far lower atmospheric pressure. The feasibility of this venture is very questionable. Even with the training they get, the volunteers will be faced with a whole range of medical problems caused by living in conditions for which humans have not evolved, such as zero gravity and low atmospheric pressure. There are also no casualty departments on Mars as of yet. Without adequate medical staff and fast help, even a medical emergency which is usually easily dealt with such as appendicitis will most certainly end in death. It is therefore necessary for all the volunteers to receive medical training up to paramedic standard, and for at least one member of each four person crew to be a fully qualified doctor who has completed foundation years one and two. All the equipment found in an accident and emergency department on earth should be at the doctor’s disposal, adapted of course for zero gravity and low pressure environments. Surgeons will need to be…

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