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A Virtuous Life or Moral Sainthood
My purpose is to argue that a perfectly virtuous life is not a compelling ideal; however, living a virtuous life is preferable to living the life of a moral saint. We gain a lot from our mistakes. If we 're living a perfect life that means we will never have the opportunity to make a mistake then have to figure out how to come back from it. Also, as a morally perfect person (A moral saint) you only have 1 goal in life which is to maximize the happiness of all people. However, it is impossible to be a moral saint and be a regular human being because you really cannot live your life. You can’t have a job because you should be spending your time helping others. You can’t eat because someone else somewhere in the world is hungry. You can’t even sleep because those hours spent resting can be used serving the community. Many may view Oprah as a moral saint. She has given millions of dollars to charity, and built schools and hospitals for the poor free of charge. However, with all that she has done, there are still people who are hungry and hurting in the world. Because of these harsh standards there is actually no such thing as a moral saint.
A virtue ethicist, however, would argue that you should help others simply because it is the charitable thing to do1. A virtuous life is something that a virtue ethicist would aim for because there is not much that is required to live one. Virtue ethics explains the “why” of doing good things but does not…

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