A Transformational New Era Of Business Essay

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During this last twentieth century, a transformational new era of business could be witnessed. The world is getting smaller as the development of sufficient infrastructure and sophisticated information system, which ease the interaction between scattered countries all over the world (Cavusgil, 2008). Therefore, this makes many companies use the opportunity to achieve a long-term profitability and to remain survive sustainable business by expanding their business become International Business. International Business could come in many different ways, like importing and exporting, establishing a foreign direct investment (FDI), or making cooperation with a cross border transportation or communication services. Beside all the opportunities, as the global-door already wide opened, it will also increase the challenges for the company to be more competitive and innovative that now the companies will not only compete with the local companies but also with foreign companies, which have their own national advantages that could overpowering the local companies.

The threat and opportunities of going International is not only attracting the eye of large companies, but also to the small and medium – sized enterprise (Usually abbreviated to SME). With the gleam opportunities of International Business, going global will also enhance many new trials to the ever challenging and risky nature of SMEs. The lack of financial, resources, market power, and competences causing some of the…

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