A Reflection On The Church Camp Essay

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Church camp was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I found Jesus there and I was a changed person. My life began to look up and become extremely positive when I began my walk with Jesus Christ. I was so moved by this life altering experience that I decided to be baptized. Right before I went through with my decision to be baptized I had multiple people warn me that accepting Christ in a public place would attract hate and negativity from others who shared different beliefs than me. I lightly noted what they had said in my brain but I did not put any further thought into it. After being baptized I instantly regretted taking their advice light heartedly. My regret started when Will, a boy from my English class, verbally harassed me for the first time.
These verbal attacks began at the beginning of the school year. I barely even knew who Will was but he had somehow discovered that I had been baptized the previous summer. I would describe Will as an atheist extremist so he instantly despised me because I was a Christian. I had done nothing to offend or hurt him in any way so I was very confused when he began to harass me. I had never hated someone like he hated me and I couldn’t even begin to fathom that degree of hate for someone. He expressed how much he hated me to the point that I dreaded the whole school week because I knew the never ending week of agony was soon to begin. I would dread fifth period which was my English class that I had with Will. I could…

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