Essay on A Life Of Jung By Ronald Hayman

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A Life of Jung written by Ronald Hayman published in 2001 is about the life of one of the greatest psychologist in the world Carl Jung. He begins the book with Carl’s family his grandparents and his parents in 1794 then tells about Jung 's life experience and his work life. This book is very well written and made Jung to look like the hero of his own story. Carl Gustav Jung was born in Kesswil Switzerland to parents Emilie Preiswerk and Paul Jung. Paul was appointed chaplain at Friedman mental hospital in 1879 after Carl was born. This book goes through Jung 's life and studies. Hayman writes about Jung’s unusual time with his patients and the experiences he had that brought Carl to his beliefs and studies. He looks to him as a damaged genius. He looks into not only Carl Jung 's life but, how Jung 's mother could have possibly been insane. Hayman looks into the possibility of Carl Jung being borderline crazy. Hayman was able to get a lot more information for his book then others because he could get information that had never been seen before.
Chapter One is titled, Glimpse of God, this is where we learn about Carl Jung 's personality. Carl Jung was not like Freud who avoided face to face contact. According to Heyman he love confrontation, he wanted to see the whites of their eyes and for them to be intimidated by him. Carl attended Gymnasium in Basel for school during his younger years, He did not enjoy being in school at all infact he hated it so much he put more effort…

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