A Brief Note On Jimmy 's Life And Life Essay

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One day while Jimmy was walking home he decided to take a shortcut through the field. while he was walking along he started to sing but all of a sudden he stopped, and stared off in the distance. He saw a well that he never seen before, and it intrigued him so he walked over thinking that it was a new well. When he finally reach the well he noticed that it looked to be over a hundred years old. It intrigued him even more so he took a little look down the well and saw nothing. He thought even though this well is old it must still have water in it, because the bucket was still wet. He decided to take a closer look so he leaned over on the old rocks and looked down, but before he knew it he was falling down the well. While falling down the well he said to himself, “I’m going to die I’ll never see my family again.” Then he slowly fell in a deep sleep while falling. What seemed like forever passed, then Jimmy finally started to wake. The first thing he thought was,“Is this heaven.” When Jimmy finally realized he was not dead he started to look around. The first thing he saw was a lush thriving forest with a lake or pond in the distance. The first thing he thought was ,“Why am I here, I was just falling down a well, how did I get here.” He decided to put that in the back of his head for now and try to find a way out, but the only way he saw was climb back up a old rope that he does not trust. So he started to walk around and try to find another way out. He walked around for a…

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