A Brief Note On Auschwitz And The Concentration Camps Essay

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Personally I have been to Auschwitz. Auschwitz was one of the biggest concentration camps during WWII one of which David went to. It is a frightening sight. Coming in on these cattle wagons and not knowing which faith there is for you at this location. Seeing your own family get split up and some taken directly to the gas chamber. Losing all faith in humanity because of the actions taken by these people. 6 million Jews were killed during this time. David was one of the lucky, one of the few who survived.

The book starts out by explaining how the family has to go on the run from the Nazis. They walk all day to reach a Town called Sosnowiec. In Sosnowiec they stay with this very nice and polite family that takes them in. One of the thing described is how they already hear the guns and they feel the war coming close to them. I find this very disturbing to hear their family is already getting split and torn apart. This is the last time they will be together as a family. The family they live with is one day taken and David sneaks out to find them. He then finds his dad working in a trench tells him to run. He actually saves his dad 's life as the people who worked in that trench was later all shot by the Nazis. Hearing this is making a clear impact on me. Realizing the horrors that the Nazis cold heartedly put Jews the through. They leave this town in the hope of safety in another place called Tarnów. Here their dream of safety is quickly broken by the Nazis. One day when the…

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